Hotter Takes on Even Hotter Slices

The best pizza place in town.

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The best pizza place in town.

Sienna Rock, Editor-in-Chief

In last month’s issue, Zelda Fishman, the Editor-in-Chief, wrote an article dropping some pretty controversial takes on where to get the best pizza slice. For anyone who didn’t read that article, I will give you a recap. Zelda’s top pizza places were Pie Hole in third, Guido’s in second, and Lulu’s on top. Not only are these places incredibly mediocre, but there are also many other places that make a better slice. 

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Lulu’s and occasionally Guido’s and Pie Hole, but they would never be my top choice. All of the pizza slices are way too greasy, especially Pie Hole. Also, I feel like the pizza slices each restaurant serves are gigantic. I would rather enjoy two or three small slices, than one huge floppy one. Big slices also bring up a very important issue. What if one slice doesn’t completely fill you up, but two slices is too much? Overall, not my fav. Although, one aspect that I do appreciate about Zelda’s picks was that they were all local places. You can walk to Pie Hole and Guido’s at lunch, and Lulu’s is a quick drive away. But, there are way better options out there. 

My absolute favorite pizza place is Flying Pie. Now, I know that this is kind of a hot take and I feel like not a lot of people are going to agree with me. However, let me put you guys on something. Flying Pie has a sourdough crust option that is so incredibly delicious. I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t tried it, which is probably a lot of people, to try it ASAP. I’m also not a super big fan of cold pizza. Yet, something about the sourdough makes it taste just as good cold. So if you are a big cold pizza fan, I would recommend it even more.

My second favorite place is Flatbread. Now, I know that Flatbread isn’t really a traditional pizza place and it is more of a sit down restaurant. However, it can be a good option if you are wanting to go to a fancier restaurant but still want pizza. My favorite pizza to get there is the Margarita pizza. Even though I’ve never actually been to Italy, I feel like this pizza is pretty on point for what a true Naples pizza tastes like. Flatbread also has a lot of other food options. So, there is something for everyone, not just pizza lovers. 

For my last pick, I will be dropping another controversial opinion. Papa Murphy’s is a really good pizza place and one of my favorites. I understand that it is a take-and-bake pizza place. Therefore, a lot of people might disregard it. However, similar to Flying Pie, there are two pizzas that I feel like you have to try before dissing it. First, their newyork style pizzas are the bomb. I’m not exactly sure what makes a new york style pizza different from a regular, but I think it might have something to do with the sauce. Nevertheless, something about it is special and it makes all the difference. Another amazing menu item is the S’mores bar. S’mores are another thing that I’m usually not a super big fan of, but something about this dessert item is so good. They put some type of oats, which mix perfectly with the cookie dough, chocolate, and marshmallows. I think these two menu options are easily what makes Papa Murphy’s my favorite. 

Even if you have your own favorite pizza places, I think these options are definitely worth your while. These restaurants never disappoint, especially if you listen to some of my suggestions.