Penelope Wilson Through Art


Zelda Fishman, Editor-in-Chief

Penelope Wilson is a Junior at Boise high this year and is the creator of this month’s cover art. She says she was given the assignment in AP Art to create a self portrait of herself. She uses photos as her main inspiration to create the art physically. In the piece on the cover, she stood behind a projector screen while her friend took photos. She says, “I exclusively use photos from my camera roll as inspiration for my art. I try not to use references from the internet just because there are so many artists using those photos and I want my art to reflect the connections I have with people and my life.” 

Many of the AP Art students pick a theme at the beginning of the year for what they want their portfolio to embody. Wilson has chosen the theme “comfort” as she wants to show what she finds comforting by using hyper realistic colors. In the art piece on the cover, you can find a bit of text from the description of the moon landing which Wilson finds an interesting part of world history. The science between us and space perpetuates that there is more than what appears to the eye which is something Wilson finds comforting to realize.

Like many other artists at Boise High Wilson sells her art and has been since 8th grade. Currently she does commissions online, as well as selling at in-person venues like the Boise Comic Arts Festival. Wilson is working on an art exhibit in Garden City called “Second Brain” which includes both visual art and music. She has been working with two of her friends on the exhibit and it anticipating its appearnce soon.