2022 Fits and Fails

Kendall Jenner wearing the North Face puffer slides.

Photo Credit: Seventeen

Kendall Jenner wearing the North Face puffer slides.

Sienna Rock, Editor-in-Chief

2022 brought some very interesting and iconic fashion trends. From Boston Birkenstock clogs to wide-leg pants, 2022 had just about everything. Some trends were a hit and deserve to continue into the new year. However, some were a hit and a miss and should have never seen the light of day. 

First and foremost, I would like to throw serious shade to the North Face puffer slippers. Before I get into this, I would like to note that I have no hate towards North Face and I honestly don’t think the slippers were a bad idea. They are perfect for walking around your house, running out to your car, or wearing after some winter activity. However, I think it’s the consumers and buyers that have messed this shoe up for me. People just aren’t wearing them correctly. I’m tired of seeing people throw on these shoes with every outfit they wear. On some occasions, they work. However, most of the time people are throwing on these shoes with the wrong outfit and the outcome isn’t good.

Next up, I’d like to talk about a shoe that is kind of similar to the North Face puffer slides: the low Ugg slippers. When I first saw these, I was a little bit disappointed that we were bringing Uggs back. However, they eventually grew on me and are definitely a big step up from the North Faces ones. However, I have relatively the same issue with these slides. I feel like sometimes people just throw on these shoes and think their outfit is all of a sudden amazing. And although sometimes people can find the perfect outfit for them, they can also make an outfit look a little bit trashy. 

Another fashion trend that was brought back to life was low rise jeans. I think some people hoped that these would stay in the 2000’s, but I’m honestly not mad about them making a comeback. Although I never really wear them, I think with the right outfit and some confidence, anyone can pull these off. 

I guess 2022 was filled with fashion trends being brought back to life because cargo and parachute pants also made a comeback. I am very neutral about these pants and I feel like they are just kind of there. They aren’t really adding anything to the fashion world but they aren’t really taking anything away either. Some people probably have a strong dislike or like for parachute pants, but I’m not really bothered by them. 

Overall, 2022 was filled with many unique fashion trends. Some were brought back from past decades, while others were new and different. Fashion can be defined in so many different ways and this past year definitely proved that point.