Advances of Avatar

Jake Sully meets the chief of the reef people and Ronal from the clan of Metkayina. (20th Century Studios)

Jake Sully meets the chief of the reef people and Ronal from the clan of Metkayina. (20th Century Studios)

Maryam Al Janabi, Reporter

I have seen so many new movies, and no one is perfect, but this movie is one of the best productions I have seen. The 3D experience is visually stunning, and CGI animation seamlessly integrates into the precise breathtaking scale. The characters and visuals underwent a whole new transformation from the first movie. If you haven’t watched The Way Of Water, I recommend you watch it. This article contains spoilers. 

. Almost every character has been developed from the first to the second movie, but the Giant whale named Payakan and Neteyam are the most complex characters in this movie. Although there was backlash over it being three hours long, I didn’t mind. If you can watch Endgame and those boring Star Wars movies, you can be patient enough to watch Avatar 2. The storyline is long, so I can see why people may feel impatient and inattentive, but James Cameron, the filmmaker, keeps distracting the audience with beautiful scenes. It was eye candy, whether it was a Pandora, a rain scene, or an underwater shot.

As an Avatar fan, I had very high expectations, and this movie met those expectations. One feature that satisfied me was the bond between the Sea Avatars and land Avatars since the first movie didn’t show much of Pandora. Colonel Quaritch had a sexual relationship with Paz Socorro, one of his scorpion pilots, around a year before the Resources Development Administration’s banishment from Pandora, resulting in the birth of a son named Miles Socorro, which Paz named after the boy’s father. I’ll admit, that part confused me. There’s this scene where Quaritch was destroying the Avatar’s land. The last remaining humans who transformed into Avatars must’ve had phenomenal technology because I believe the avatars could have easily overpowered them.

Over the following fifteen years, Jake had three children with Neytiri. Neteyam and Lo’ak, the two brothers. And Tuk, their youngest daughter. They adopt two others at the end, Kiri and Miles “Spider” Socorro, but I firmly believe Spider would be better off dead. He was a waste of character until the very end. It filled me with rage how Quaritch killed Neyteyam and continued to threaten Jake Sully. He just happened to get injured and left behind. He caused too much damage, and they had strong hearts to leave him behind. I was only devastated because I grew a liking to Neyteyam’s personality. Neytiri’s anger sent shivers down my spine. She said, “A son for a son,” which worked out peculiarly. I personally wouldn’t adopt the child of someone who killed my son, but you do you, I guess. It shows how peaceful the Avatars are and how savage humans can be for revenge. 

This movie was definitely worth my three hours and yours. It’s heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. I have a theory that Neyteyam might come back with his genetics in a new Avatar body, but we’ll see in 2024 when the third movie is scheduled to release.