Long Distance Love


Photo Credit: oprahdaily.com

Love knows no boundaries!

Eli Butler, Reporter

Love is a universal emotion essential to the human experience. Once you find someone that sits so close to your heart so comfortably, you’ll do anything to keep them there. However, many highschool relationships end due to going separate ways after their senior year, because of  the struggle of long distance.

Colin Crecilius – a Boise High student currently in a long distance relationship – and Nikki Scott have been together for 13 months now, and had been dating for nine months before she had to move to Washington for college. Even though they hardly see each other – usually having to wait until Nikki has a week off school they manage to stay involved. “Some special things we do are Wordle, Game Pigeon, and FaceTiming or calling every day. These things keep us connected and allow us to be with each other as much as possible.” Despite the distance, Colin and Nikki still find things to do with each other and stay connected.

Colin also had some advice for other students trying to make a long distance relationship work. “My advice would be to make sure that you both go into it with clear and aligning expectations of how you think it will go. I would also say being affectionate and showing you care as often as you can also helps…Finally I guess it’s just good to be sharing your feelings so you can know how the other person feels about the relationship or if you need to change anything.” He made clear that communication is the most important part of long distance relationships, especially finding ways to show your love through just words.

Another struggle of long distance relationships is traveling to see each other. Paying for gas or plane tickets isn’t cheap, and on top of that you have to find time that works for both of you. Colin and Nikki can only see each other when Nikki has time off from college in Washington – which may not coincide with Colins time off here at Boise High. Similarly, different schools across the country may have different times for vacation making it difficult to travel and visit.

Never the best option, long distance takes a lot of effort from both people involved. However, when you find that special person it’s worth it. By doing things special to you together, maybe something as simple as just playing Game Pigeon, you can stay connected and feel loved in spite of the distance between each other.