Getting to Know Flint and Lola


Flint and Lola give two thumbs up! (Zelda Fishman)

Zelda Fishman, Editor-in-Chief

Earlier this month, Mrs. Weisensel approached the Boise Highlights with an opportunity to feature two of her students that she teaches for Sophomore English. In the assignment, Flint and Lola interviewed eachother about important things that dictate their lives.

Lola Boice Doesn’t Know if Her Cabin is in Idaho or Utah But That Doesn’t Stop Her From Setting Off Illegal Fireworks

1. No Baby Blankets: I don’t actually believe in sentimental value; like when someone has a little baby blanket I’m just like, ‘grow the hell up, little blankets are for wimps!’. So to answer your question, no I don’t have any sentimental objects, I throw everything away if I keep it for more than five years.

2. I have started to knit a lot, and I even knit a vest. But I threw it away. I also made a blanket that wasn’t a bad blanket mind you, but I also threw that away because blankets are stupid and for wimps.

3. My Dad: My dad was deployed for three years in Afghanistan. We had no contact with him. But then he came back! And he came back when I was seven. I remember him leaving, and I remember him coming back, but I don’t really remember the in between parts. So that probably left an impression on me.

4. Cabin in Bear Lake: My cabin is in Bear Lake, Idaho, wait no, Utah. I don’t remember which. Anyway, I go every summer and see my cousins. My grandpa built the cabin with his bare hands. 

5. Illegal Fireworks: At the cabin, we go swimming, boating, and jet skiing. The energy there is immaculate! Even though it’s illegal, we always bring fireworks. We have a secret spot where we set them off each year.

No One Inspires Flint Booth, but He Can Tell You About Pasta 

1. Rango: You haven’t lived and experienced life if you haven’t watched the movie Rango. That little green goblin walking around that screen for 1 hour and 47 minutes is the best thing to happen to the movie industry. If you haven’t watched it, you have not experienced a true cinematic movie.

2. Alarm Clock: It might seem strange to actually like your alarm clock, but I do. My alarm clock has a feature where it only goes off on the weekdays. It’s clear and lights up different colors when the alarm goes off. It also has a feature where you can set two alarms. I have had it since I was in kindergarten, and I’m gonna bury that alarm clock with me in my grave. 

3. School: The end of the school day I just want the school day to be over. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind school. I like some of my classes like zoology and chemistry, like balancing chemical equations and I like seeing my friends, but when the bell rings,and I’m out of math class, it  gives me so much relief. Once I’m home, I love and playing with my dogs. I have a chihuahua and a black mut. I love them so much.

4. Pasta: My favorite type of pasta is linguine with red sauce and parmesan cheese. Orzo pasta with pesto is also so good. I also really enjoy buttered noodles when I’m feeling lazy and ramen noodles if I’m feeling even lazier. 

5. Skiing: I love going skiing–I’ve been skiing since I was at least three or four years old. I love downhill skiing, but I also enjoy cross country skiing. My favorite place to ski is Bogus, because it is so close. Groomed runs kind of get on my nerves, I’d rather the slopes turn into a moggled mess than have it be groomed.