Cover Artist: Jack Andrews


Photo Credit: Jack Andrews

A picture of our cover artist this issue, Jack Andrews.

Brian Dyer, Social Media Editor

In this month’s edition of the Boise Highlights, our cover artist is Jack Andrews. For the theme of “Mix It Up March,” he took a literal approach and designed a colorful, chaotic blender that mixes fruit.

Jack humorously described his art as having been inspired by “either thoughts at 3 AM, or video games.” Oftentimes, he’ll sketch his ideas on paper, and then afterwards finish designing them with Adobe Illustrator. He’s made a multitude of colorful, modern, and sleek designs for his Graphic Design courses located at the Dennis Technical Education Center, but for this issue of the Boise Highlights he decided to try and ‘mix up’ his style.

To Jack, the theme “Mix It Up March” means to “explore outside a box of ‘normal ideas,’ ‘normal art styles,’ and to add my own twist to stuff that I wouldn’t normally do.” While he usually likes to make clean and simplistic designs in Adobe Illustrator, for this issue he tried something new and altered his art-style to resemble low-poly artwork that’s reminiscent of 3D computer graphics from the 1990s. He also utilized complimentary colors, making the blue blender stand out against a clean and pristine orange background.

Jack has discovered many of his favorite hobbies through ‘mixing it up’ in his own life. He has played a variety of musical instruments, including the alto saxophone, drums, as well as the bass guitar. Jack also  regularly participates in games of Dungeons & Dragons with his friends, both as a player and as a Dungeon Master. Another one of Jack’s hobbies is playing video games, with some titles he’s clocked the most time into being Destiny 2, Bloodborne, and Elden Ring.

To continue engaging his creativity in the future, Jack stated that he plans on getting a major in Graphic Design at Boise State University after he graduates from Boise High. He also wants to keep on finding new ways to ‘mix things up’ and try new things, because change is one of the many factors that keeps life interesting.