Exploring the Magic of Hogwarts Legacy

Experience the magic of Hogwarts like never before with Hogwarts Legacy (IGN)

Experience the magic of Hogwarts like never before with Hogwarts Legacy (IGN)

Tyler Weiss, Reporter

After more than 2 years of waiting, the highly anticipated “Hogwarts Legacy” has finally arrived. The video game revolves around the wizarding world of Harry Potter, and the events in the game take place during the 1800s, before the events of the Harry Potter series. Harry Potter fans and video game enthusiasts everywhere have been looking forward to this game, but why exactly? Well, here are a few reasons.

One of the biggest things that stands out about Hogwarts Legacy is the character creation. In the game, you play either as a witch or a wizard who is attending Hogwarts and has a rare ability to access ancient magic. Not only do you get to customize how your avatar looks, but you get to assign them to a house as well. The four houses you can assign them to are Griffyndor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. You can either choose the house based on the color, or, if you’re a true Harry Potter fanatic, you can choose the house off of which personality trait describes you the most. For example, Gryffindor is associated with bravery, Slytherin is associated with ambition, Ravenclaw is associated with intelligence, and Hufflepuff is associated with empathy. 

Another reason why Hogwarts Legacy is getting so much hype is the gameplay mechanics. Hogwarts Legacy is an action RPG, and players will be able to cast spells, duel with other students, and fight enemies. To appeal to the fans, Hogwarts Legacy has granted access not just to spells, but to the 3 unforgivable curses as well. Those being Avada Kedavra (the killing curse), Crucio (the torture curse), and Imperio (the control curse).

Possibly the most anticipated aspect of Hogwarts Legacy is the feature of open-world exploration. In the game, players are allowed to explore various locations within and outside of Hogwarts. In these locations, players are able to complete story quests, side quests, or just explore while flying on a broom if that’s what they feel like.

Overall, “Hogwarts Legacy” represents a promising new addition to the Harry Potter universe, and one that is sure to capture the imaginations of both longtime fans and newcomers alike.