Judging Judge Judy


Katrina Mulder, Reporter

Judge Judy needs to be humbled. For those who haven’t seen her show, Judge Judy is the judge on a reality TV show where they film trials. These cases are suspected to be fake but they are real and by contract, both parties are bound by her judgment. 

First of all, Judy has a bad attitude and is biased towards the defendants. In many of the cases, if a defendant said something she didn’t like, she would automatically be disrespectful towards them. I believe she is never in a positive mood, therefore she brings her bad attitude to court. A good judge is supposed to listen and act with reason which she rarely does, and constantly interrupts the defendants and makes snarky comments.

Not only is Judge Judy disrespectful, she is also unprofessional. In some cases, she wouldn’t even review the evidence because she didn’t care and thought it was unnecessary. The code of conduct for United States judges states, “a judge should hear and decide matters assigned, unless disqualified, and should maintain order and decorum in all judicial proceedings.” This generally means she needs to keep a proper professional etiquette which she doesn’t have. Judge Judy rarely makes decisions without being biased. As soon as the defendants step in the court, you can tell by her attitude that she’s judging their every way, not in the way she should be judging them. A biased judge is the worst kind of judge. The whole point of the position is to have a rational desicion maker in the court of law. 

Although Judge Judy is in the right some of the time, she is still annoying. I believe all the popularity that she has gotten has gone to her head. She gives off “I’m better than everyone and I’m always right” vibes. As a judge she should be respectful to the defendants in any circumstance because it’s her job to deal with any case handed to her. She always expects the people in the court to respect her because she is the judge but there should be mutual respect. Her fame started because she was good at speaking the truth. However, it seems to have turned into straight-up disrespect. 

The way Judge Judy talks and presents herself makes me want her to be fired. Whatever she has going on with her hair doesn’t slay like she thinks it does. For a while, she actually got extensions in her hair which ate and left many crumbs. Don’t even get me started on her voice. It’s so annoying and is always paired with  an attitude. Like, it’s not hard to just be respectful. She speaks to the defendants like they’re children. Whenever I think of her voice, I think of her yelling because she is constantly yelling in court. There is no need to yell in a small court room, everyone can hear you. Also, her eyebrows look like gummy worms.

I recommend watching this show because Judge Judy needs to be slandered more so that way the show can be canceled. She is straight-up rude and she is speculated to be racist which is even more reason to cancel her and the show. Judge Judy doesn’t deserve to have her own show where she humiliates and disregards the defendants.