Dress Code Update


Katrina Mulder, Reporter

Did you know that the Boise School District is trying to change the dress code? There have been several meetings on the topic of implementing a dress code for students to oblige to.

Boise School District received a presentation proposing a draft policy for a new dress code. Public meetings will give opportunity to compare the current and proposed dress code. These meetings are open to the public. The draft policy states that all students are required to wear; a top with non-transparent fabric in the front, back and the sides under the arms; bottoms such as pants, sweatpants, shorts, skirt, dress, leggings, etc.; and shoes are required. 

The current dress code, which had last been updated in 2021, bans students from wearing clothing related to drugs, alcohol, gangs, pornography, and illegal activities. Though according to data recorded by the district there have been discrepancies on how Boise schools are enforcing the code. The district hopes for this new dress code to be implemented stricter and give an actual list in which students are required to oblige by.

In one of the recent meetings it was brought to attention that the current dress code is too vague and is left up to interpretation. It states: “Students’ clothing and grooming shall be appropriate, shall not be relieving, and shall not be a disruption or interference to the educational process.” The district wants to have a more specific dress code which can’t be left up to interpretation as easily and to be able to enforce an actual dress code.

The Boise School District hopes for this new dress code to be applied consistently throughout the schools. In the construction of this new code they want parents and students to know that their voices are heard and will have an impact on decisions of this code.