Boise High Summit: Peak of the School Year?


A hot dog eating contest at last year’s Summit. (Mrs. Tetrick)

Tyler Weiss, Reporter

A tradition like no other at Boise High is the annual Summit. The Summit is an event that features the students getting the opportunity to be teachers for a day and showcase their creativity with their exhibits. The Summit also gives future Brave students who are currently in junior high a preview of their new school. 

An event this big clearly takes a lot of planning and the process has to be very detail-oriented. To find out more about what goes into the Summit, I sat down with the Summit’s organizer and AVID 11 teacher, Mrs. Tetrick. “It’s a whole year planning process. We decided on the theme of the Summit, this year it’s going to be ‘we are brave’.” Tetrick explains, “3rd quarter is where the rubber hits the road and we really start recruiting interested parties to present.”

Helping Mrs. Tetrick out with the Summit are her AVID 11 students. “I think it’s a super school opportunity for the AVID 11 students to get leadership experience when building a college resume,” Tetrick states. When asked on how her and her students measure success, her response was: “We usually measure success just by the amount of participation we have at Boise High. Kids stay on campus, they enjoy the presentations and the workshops.”

Mrs. Tetrick has been doing this for a while, but of all the exhibits she’s seen, there doesn’t seem to be a favorite one. “It’s really hard to pick just one I’ll be honest with you”, she explains. However, because of all the great exhibits she’s seen, she has an idea of what the exhibits will look like. “Often seniors are the most able to present because maybe they want to present their senior project or something that is interesting to them that they want other students to know”.

All in all, the Boise High Summit is an event enjoyed by the students and staff at Boise High, as well as the future Brave who get the chance to learn more about where the next chapter of their life will take place. We all have Mrs. Tetrick, the student presenters, the AVID 11 students, and many others to thank for organizing arguably the best event of the school year.