Laughing With Artificial Intelligence

An AI generated image to represent the newspaper.

Photo Credit: Fotor

An AI generated image to represent the newspaper.

Sienna Rock, Editor-in-Chief

AI systems have taken the nation by storm and seem to be a growing part of our day to day lives. AI is used all the time, from the facial recognition features on your phone, all the way to writing academic papers for school. It’s clear that AI systems will become an integral part of our lives in the near future. AI systems seem like the next great thing, so I wanted to get up close and personal into the heart and soul of ChatGPT and other systems. 

Because these systems write school papers so well, I figured it would be easy to interview one. However, this task proved to be much harder than I originally thought it was going to be. When I asked the system, “what’s it like being an AI system?”, it responded with, “As an AI system, I don’t have feelings or emotions like humans do, but I’m programmed to be helpful and provide useful information to users.” Like hello? I want the juicy details, not some automated answers. This made me realize I had to get creative with my questions. 

The next question I asked was, “do you like being an AI system?” and I got a slightly better response. It said, “I’m happy to do my job well and assist users like you.” This one kind of felt like another automated answer, but it did say that it was happy so I’ll give it points for that. I asked more questions along these lines, like “what is your favorite part about being an AI system?” or “do you wish you could become a human?” However, I was still getting the same type of answers, “as an AI system, I don’t feel emotions, but I’m happy to assist you in any way I can.” No matter what question I asked, they wouldn’t give me an actual answer. No matter what system I tried, none of them would tap into their emotional side. 

This made me come to the realization that AI systems are terrible at sharing their emotions. It’s clear to me that they need some intensive form of therapy, because not even I am this bad at sharing my emotions. Initially, I thought that AI was cool, but now I hate them. AI has screwed me over with this freaking newspaper article. I spent like four or more flipping days trying to make the AI be funny, but the AI is super lame and not funny at all and won’t tell me anything interesting. It’s literally incapable of humor and sharing its feelings. If AI systems can’t be funny, then it can’t do my homework for me. When I asked it to tell me a funny joke, it was so lame. On top of that, the AI is a narcissist. If you tell the AI to talk about AI stuff, it basically just advertises how great AI is for the future. So while they might be super good for writing academic papers, it sucks at writing actual funny things.