The Unspoken Rules of Snapchat

Obvious violations of Snapchat’s unspoken rules. (

Zelda Fishman, Editor-in-Chief

Snapchat is the app I use most on my phone, point blank period. It’s actually terribly embarrassing to admit, but I’m on it for about an hour and a half every day. Now through the progression of all my years and failures on Snapchat, I’ve learned a thing or two. I’m letting you in on the biggest secret of decoding the unspoken rules of Snapchat. All the ins and outs of the Gen Z megacenter of communication and cringy filters. You’re welcome.

When I first got Snapchat, I’ll admit, I broke many of these rules. One, in particular, is keeping a streak by sending a blank photo to a person with an “S” scribbled on it with the drawing feature. A streak is the number of days you continuously snap someone. Why it’s actually horrendous to send these snaps with the “S” on them is because traditionally, you do not speak or communicate whatsoever with the person you are continuously snapping. I believe my record of keeping a streak with someone I did not know and had never spoken to was 500-something. I was devastated when we lost it. I cried and called customer support to try to get it back. 

Another unspoken rule is using filters unironically. I added the ‘unironically’ part because sometimes it’s a little funny to send a snap with a beauty filter on to make fun of those who use it unironically. Some of the best ones to use are the flower crown one, as well as the dog filter that makes it look like you’re licking the screen when you stick your tongue out. 

The final unspoken rule I’ll touch on today is using anonymous questioning services. These are apps built to pair with Snapchat where you can post a feature where someone can swipe up and respond to your story and ask you an anonymous question. Normally, people get a lot of STUPID questions. Such as “Who u got your eyes on???” or “I like you but you don’t know who I am.” Now, this is peak 8th-grade activities. I feel like I’m a pretty normal person, if you have something to say to me, just tell me to my face instead of posting some cryptic message anonymously. It is stupid!

Snapchat will probably end up getting banned in the future but it’s fun as of right now. I hope that you found this article super duper educational and hopefully you aren’t committing any of these heinous crimes against humanity.