Super Spring Sports


Katrina Mulder, Reporter

As the school year concludes, so do all the spring sports. Here at Boise High we take pride in our hard working athletes. They have all put so much time and dedication into their sports and academics. 

Boise has a wide range of spring sports which includes track and field, boys and girls lacrosse, softball, baseball, tennis, and a new addition girls rugby. This spring season, girls have been given their first opportunity to play rugby at Boise High. Taylor Bell, a Junior, participates on this team. She stated that her favorite part of this season was getting to learn the sport with her teammates due to it all being their first year playing. This team’s hard work has definitely paid off goin undefeated the whole season. They even won their last game against Centennial 66 to 0. Additionally, the girls lacrosse team is also having a great season with no losses. Congrats to those girls and keep up the hard work! 

Participating in sports is a great way to improve your teambuilding skills. Whether it’s an individual event or a team activity, a sport is a productive way to grow as a person. Boise has been gifted with talented coaches to help guide athletes toprepare for their future. Adrienne Russell, who does track, said that her coach makes the sport more enjoyable. The coaches not only push athletes to work their hardest in their sport but also in their studies. Balancing school and extracurricular activities is a great way to grow and prepare for life after high school. Delilah White, who plays girls Lacrosse, said,”It’s hard to balance both because you have less time to do things, but lacrosse keeps me active and happy so I just try my best to get everything done.” Learning how to adjust your schedule can be a hard thing to do, but it’s a good skill to have for future endevours. 

There are only a few more weeks until the end of the spring sports season. Go out and support our Brave athletes!