Dance 100 Stole 100% of My Breath

The eight superstar choreographers all looking fierce and feisty. (

Sophia Chen, Managing Editor

There’s a sizzling, new show on Netflix called Dance 100. The show features eight quirky choreographers, who compete against each other for a hefty total of $100,000. In each episode, the remaining choreographers who haven’t been eliminated are assigned both a song and a crew of highly skilled, professional dancers. To win the show and stay in the game, the competitors must craft powerful and captivating dance performances. The “100” in the name represents the 100 dancers that are to be split up among the choreographers. So, was the show a worthwhile watch?

Yes, it was. Usually I don’t enjoy shows that involve real-life people. I prefer cartoon series like My Little Pony, Ninjago, Miraculous Ladybug, and well, you get the idea. Dance 100 is one of the rare shows of the real-people genre that actually delighted me. Alas, it is being minimized by its 6.3/10 rating on IMDB. The people circulating negative reviews are the kind of people who can’t find the beauty in anything. In my fair opinion, I think that Dance 100 is worthy of a 7.5/10 rating.

There are so many brilliant aspects to note. There were dynamic characters, there were slay moments, there were attention-grabbing performances, and there was some spicy/dicey drama. Some of the eight contesting choreographers were strange and a little bit unlikeable, while others really brought the energy along. This Chex Mix of characters really adds flavor to the show.

My favorite was definitely Keenan because of his bubbly and funny vibes, and he knew what he was doing. He had fire dance routines that left me quaking in my boots. I also really liked Max because he was so chill and best of all, he’s from Boise. I felt really represented. There’s this one scene, where he’s getting interviewed right in front of the Fort Boise Community Center and later dancing in front of Freak Alley. Unfortunately, Max went to Timberline High School.

The final dance performances were HUGE for me. There were slay moments, spicy moments, and swagged out moments everywhere. Man, they were fire! Some online buzzkill complained about the choreographers only producing mainstream dance routines. I mean what do you want? Belly dancing? Despite the choreographers all focusing on more popular dance styles like hip-hop, popping, and suggestive movements, they were able to show off their own personal touches, killer skills, and cracked creativity. The dance with the aesthetic of an underground hair-spider circus really exemplified this.

For the drama aspect, I loved how the dancers would slander or compliment the  choreographers. My only complaint about Dance 100, is that I would have liked to see the process of the choreographers teaching their dancers to dance since only brief clips of the dance process were actually shown. All in all, the show is a blast to watch. I bet 100 dollars that you won’t hate the show.