Bogus’s New Additions


Photo Credit: Kent Proesch via YouTube

A snapshot of an enthusiastic snow goer as he videos his experience riding the Bogus Basin Glade Runner.

Izzy Fox, Reporter

The snowy oasis many Boise citizens call home during the winter lacks a crucial element this year. Bogus Basin recreation area is without the lush, powdery snow to make the mountain a skiing heaven. With last years “snowpocalypse” many were expecting similar results this year only to be disappointed by the lack thereof. But never fear, Bogus has built a fresh, new, exciting feature to add to the snowless mountain.

40 feet above ground, 4,330 feet in length, riding 25 plus mph, the Bogus Basin Glade Runner is the first Mountain Coaster in the state of Idaho and it’s located at none other than our very own Bogus Basin. Brushing through trees, around twists and turns, snow or no snow, the Glade runner allows you to experience Bogus Basin Mountain in a completely new way.

Open year round, summer through winter, the coaster is a riveting adventure for those thrill seekers. Although a unique new amenity, The Glade Runner has received many mixed reviews.

Sophomore Emma Hilburn exclaims, “It was pretty fun! But it would have been more fun if they made it a longer track.” Many other people seemed to say similar things. Although, one enthusiast couldn’t get enough. Sophomore Andrew Smith chortled, “I loved it!! It was a serious must!! It would be really cool to do during the summer but also a very cool thing to do during the winter because you get to see the cool pillows of snow.”

The Glade Runner is a thrill ride. The neatest part was how you can control your speed. With 2 hand brakes on either side, you can go as slow or as fast as you want but still keeping a safe distance of a 180 feet from the person in front of you. Speeding around 3 loopy turns and many downhill trails, passing below chairlifts full of people admiring the fun, your screams turn to silence and your laughter turns uncontrollable.

The fun is real but the price has been considered a bit steep. Going with a friend or family member, a tandem ticket is $25 for one ride and for a single rider the price is $15. Want to ride again? No matter tandem or single your ticket would cost $15 for another turn. Although, if you have a Bogus Basin pass or membership you get a discount of about 3-4 dollars.

Thrill seeker or scenery lover, the Bogus Basin Mountain Coaster is a great way experience both. If the price doesn’t sound right maybe save the adventure for a special occasion. The ride is considered a wonderful experience that an abundance of people, including myself, thoroughly enjoyed.