Number One for a Reason

Black Panther takes the film world by storm

 Posing for the Cover, Black Panther, Nakia and Erik Killmonger get into character.

Photo Credit: EyeWitness News

Posing for the Cover, Black Panther, Nakia and Erik Killmonger get into character.

Izzy Fox, Reporter

Holding the number one spot in the box office, Black Panther has brought in over 208.1 million dollars worldwide in the first 3 days. The partially new idea of a largely black cast for Marvel made an exponential splash in ratings.

Incorporating real culture and attire from true African tribes increased the ratings tremendously making the movie very popular. Black Panther also spurred an increasingly enthusiastic response from the fans. Although the movie is an extremely jaw dropping thriller, many don’t understand the deep underlying messages it holds.

Black Panther took place in the main city of Wakanda, Africa which holds the untouchable, vast stockpile of Vibranium. Because of this, Wakanda made unbelievable strides and advancements in the technological field although, their resources were unavailable to anyone on the outside world. Connecting today with foreign aid and the question of helping other countries, Wakanda’s untouchable vibranium filled city has the same issue.

Although foreign aid was an underlying factor in the movie, it raised quite a response not only to the viewers but to the problems we face with helping the third world countries today.

Should the people of Wakanda share their powerful resources with the rest of the world to improve life on earth or should they protect the world from the risks Vibranium has? Should the Wealthy countries of today’s America assist with the rapidly growing third world countries or should they keep the resources to themselves in fear of to much reliance? The struggle between helping and withholding is affecting the world greatly as reflected in the movie.

Another hefty feature of Black Panther was the fact that the cast was not only all black, but true to the ethnic culture and diversity. There were not only actors from Africa but African American actors from the U.K, from the U.S, and all over which was in itself quite a diversifying feature.

The most unique part though was the language and deep roots in the African American culture. The women’s hair, consisting of dreadlocks, scalp tattoos, and shavings, were all authentic. But the hair is just the start. Their facial piercings were from when they were young, the attire was a fun modern spin off of current tribes, and the actors were already fluent in the native language spoken – therefore barely anything about the culture in this movie was played up or commercialized. Because of this, the movie developed a phenomenal cast, which I think led to the stunningness of the film. The entire cultural integrity of Black Panther was amazing.

Black Panther is truly inspirational film that struck the cinema world with awe. The film continues to turn heads as it brings to light cultural and political issues in today’s world.