Greatest sports moments

Luca Principali, Reporter

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Boise highs sports program has seen many great achievements this year. Many of these achievements go unnoticed that’s where the Boise highlights come in. To showcase many of our athlete’s hard work and show them the recognition they deserve. I recently spoke to Paul Pennington Boise high basketball, his team’s greatest achievement was “beating boarah at home in front of a sold-out crowd that was fun, also scoring 1000 points against capital” Boise highs basketball had an extremely successful year. But not just basketball had a good season so did the boy’s lacrosse. Sam Centeno teams most outstanding moment “when ty burnet did a bull dodge ran through this kid knocked him to the ground. Looked him dead in the eyes and shot an underhand shot and ripped it 30 yards out. that was by far the sickest moment.” As you can see part of being a good athlete is to look back at you and your team’s achievements and come back to strive to be better than before. To worker harder and to learn from ever failure  From girls lacrosse Claire Hurdley shared “our most outstanding achievement our defender laura Paige she scored two goals during our championship game which was really impressive, usually defenders don’t go down to attacks so that was awesome and we also won third in state.”