Glimpsing a New Change in Campus Geography

Torey Tapp, Social Media Editor

There are so many amazing changes that happen around us everyday. The way we look at them is completely up to us. There are upsides and downsides to it all. Whether it’s in our community, homes, or schools, Boise High is feeling the brunt of it. With the support of our students, staff, parents and community it can make this big transition a little smoother. Boise High is a fast growing school along with our community. This construction wasn’t far from reach.

With the help of Mr. Thompson and other staff we are able to understand this new change with a deeper understanding.

One of the last times there was construction and remodeling on our campus was in the late 90’s. During this time there was also talk of mainly updating our Gym and Performing Arts Building. Construction was supposed to begin in 2007, but because things were not exactly looking like what they needed to, Boise High continued to function with just one gym. An incentive to finally have this remodel go underway was mainly focused on the idea that most High Schools have two functioning gyms and have enough space adequate for teaching, events and the general students at the same time, and Boise just didn’t.

Finally, in 2017, Boise High took the initiative to make the remodel a running project after going out for a Bond Election. That March, 182.5 million dollars was granted to the Boise School District to go about these new projects. Boise Highs project was included in this Bond.

Because of this remodel, Boise High is lucky enough to be gaining about 14000-15000 square feet of new space that we didn’t have before the remodel. This includes classrooms, offices, locker rooms, bathrooms, hallway space and of course a fully functionally Gymnasium. Boise High is so fortunate to be able to follow through with this 15 million to 16 million dollar project.

Just because this construction is replacing a lot of the old building, we can’t forget how special it’s history is to Boise High. It’s almost a century old and isn’t just a piece of Boise High culture but a piece of Boise Idaho’s culture.

Since construction has begun we have been able to preserve the appearance of the building and that time period while also making it a modern and suitable for the needs of our students today and in the future. This building will be able to accommodate three times as many students since before the construction.

While touring this building I noticed more than just our new, huge and beautiful Gym that will soon be a New Piece of Boise Highs future sporting events, assemblies and basic use. There were classrooms for the Arts. Band, Orchestra, Theater, Choir, Tech, News Production,Journalism and so many more classes will soon have their own space to thrive in. A place to settle in and make their own.

Being a student you might see our current situation a little differently. Yes, walking from the Main Building to the Tech Building can be a pain. Traffic all the way into the hallway. Or maybe you work in a shared classroom, Or maybe you don’t even have your own classroom yet. But these changes are temporary; because the construction is planned to be done in March of 2019, and we can expect great things to come from it! The whole flow of student traffic will change once we have students moving into another building during passing periods.

Mr Thompson does want everyone to remember how lucky our school is as a whole to have this opportunity for Growth and Change. “Of course Boise High has this awesome Tradition of Excellence since 1881, and what I really like about this is that hopefully we set Boise High up for the next 100 years, so that we can continue to build on that Tradition of Excellence and honor our past, while also continuing to move forward with modern facilities and things that benefit our students so we can continue the good work that is Boise High.”

Through it all, there’s things you should keep in mind. How fortunate Boise High is to have this opportunity and have our community to support us in such a way so that we can continue to grow and modernize.