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When Life Gives You Limes

Torey Tapp, Social Media Editor

December 13, 2018

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Boise is one of the country’s fastest growing cities, so it’s safe to say Boise is booming. With fast growing neighborhoods like the North End, Hidden Springs, Highlands etc.) and businesses our traffic is becoming heavier and h...

Dear BHS Staff…

Luiza Decenzi, Reporter

December 11, 2018

Filed under Student Life

As holidays arrive and people unite, we thank our families and friends for their love and support. We often overlook our teachers and school staff that ‘build the roads’ that we will one day use to guide ourselves through life....

Glimpsing a New Change in Campus Geography

Torey Tapp, Social Media Editor

September 27, 2018

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“Of course Boise High has this awesome Tradition of Excellence since 1881, and what I really like about this is that hopefully we set Boise High up for the next 100 years, so that we can continue to build on that Tradition of Excellence and honor our past, while also continuing to move forward with modern facilities and things that benefit our students so we can continue the good work that is Boise High.” -Mr. Thompson

Braves Boys Basketball: The Success of this Season

February 20, 2018

Filed under Sports

Braves varsity boys basketball has been a showstopper this season, winning games and having the huge support of our student body has shown them to be some of the biggest “celebrities” at Boise High. Manny Varela, the hea...

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