Dear BHS Staff…

A Thank You from Students to Staff

Luiza Decenzi, Reporter

As holidays arrive and people unite, we thank our families and friends for their love and support. We often overlook our teachers and school staff that ‘build the roads’ that we will one day use to guide ourselves through life. From college advice to life lessons, staff members have shared their knowledge in the hopes of giving students the opportunity to live their lives to its fullest potential. To all of BHS staff, thank you for your work and happy holidays.

Izzy Darmody to Mr. Thompson

“Mr. Thompson,                       

  Not only do I thank you   but every Brave should. You run Boise High with respect for everyone in it. The amount of effort you put into making Boise High a better place is incredible. I wish everyone could see that. Mr.Thompson you truly do care about every student that walks the halls of BHS. You are an incredible principal and an amazing human. Thank you for all that you do.”

Sam Centeno to Mrs. Church

“If there is anyone I would like to thank this year on the staff is Mrs. Church. Her room is a genuine safe haven. Some days you’ll see her cracking jokes at Brogan, and other days at you. She’s an amazing leader and I know she probably hates us because we are all pretty dang rowdy, but we all love her anyway, and we know she loves us too. She helped open the door to a great junior year, and for that I thank you Mrs. Church.”

Jack Burnett to Mrs. Clark-Vega

    “Mrs. Clark-Vega is my sports medicine teacher. In that class she has challenged us to learn medical terminology, the body systems, first aid training and so much more. She has become such a positive influence in my life. She has opened a door for my future with the skills that I have learned in her class.”

Clara Bishop to Mrs. Preminger

“Heu Mrs. Preminger! Gratias tibi ago for being my Latin teacher. I look forward to your class on the reg. Before your class, I had no idea about grammar and my grasp on the English language was mediocre. Latin has nurtured my love for language and I am beginning to learn more about how it connects with English. Cognates are pretty neat! Thank you for encouraging curiosity and for being curious yourself. The amount of information you have lodged in your brain is wild. Thank you for telling me the difference between mustard and aioli. I have you to thank for my newfound love for leopard geckos. Those little buggers have a place in my heart. I want you to know how amazing you are to so many students including me. You’re one cool cat!”

Claire Whitman to Mr. Ulrickson

“Mr. Ulrickson,

Firstly, thank you for everything you’ve done for our golf team. The program you took on last year was far from perfect, yet you have transformed disorganization into success with a consistently positive attitude. Thank you for reminding us that it’s not all about winning or losing, but maintaining character and integrity. Thank you for providing encouraging advice. Thank you for always supporting your students by attending games and events. Thank you for genuinely trying to help students succeed. Finally, thank you for remaining neutral and unbiased while sharing both sides of every story. Your dedication and love for what you never will go unnoticed.”