What Love Means to Us

Lauren Lafrades, Editor-In-Chief

The month of February is plagued by the stereotypes of what love is. Plush teddy bears embroidered with cliche quotes and pre written love letters fill the holiday section of grocery stores. The commercial world pushes consumers to focus on the ideas of conventional, romantic love. But the complexity of love extends far beyond boxes of chocolates and valentine’s baskets. The intricacy of the entangled facets of love provide each individual with a unique perspective on what exactly love is. Friendships, family ties, and a variety of other relationships each have their own designated definitions of love. Every one of those feelings, having their own distinct manifestation, is an innate part of life. As the spirit of love fills the times, the Boise Highlights staff asked the student body to reflect on what love truly means to them.

“I think love is unconditional support for whatever that other person is interested in. Just supporting them in whatever they want to do and always having their back, whether you think it’s right or wrong.” – Max Woodal

“ I think love is caring for someone to the point that you put their happiness and well-being before your own.” – Bella Kramer

“I guess love to me means that you can always count on that person for anything, no matter the circumstance”-  Hunter Walp

“To me love means putting others before yourself and not ever putting them down or wanting to see them sad because they mean so much to you one single tear can break your heart” – Charis Hadden

“Love means that you put your full trust in somebody else and you put their needs before your own. You rely on them, and they rely on you, as a source of well being and happiness.” – Sam Centeno

“Love is helping other people out when they’re in need.” – AJ Michael  

“Love to me is a feeling you get around people that mean something to you in your life. I feel it when I’m around my best friends or my boyfriend. It’s a feeling of acceptance and joy. This may sounds dumb but  to me it’s almost like this warm feeling I get. Love takes effort and work, sometimes it can be painful but in the end it’s worth it. So spread it.” – Rubina Nabi

“Love is the discovery of yourself through another person. It is challenging and dynamic, requiring an open mind and constant growth. The possession of love distinguishes those who are alive from those who are merely surviving.” – Hallie Hinchman