Boise High’s Resources


Photo Credit: Callie Rice

There are student support group meetings for specific situations such as a parent who has passed to help students cope with negative thoughts and feelings.

Callie Rice, Managing Writer

Boise High students know what it is like to have one commitment after another. From balancing school and homework, to managing jobs and extracurriculars, the school week can get hectic. This makes it even more important to be aware of the school’s numerous resources available that ensure its students stay healthy and happy, and are successful.

Scott Looney, a Boise High history teacher, talks about the resources the school has to offer, mentioning that the library is always a wonderful place to relax or be productive academically.

“Our excellent counselors are here to support all students no matter what,” Looney says, indicating that they don’t just help with schedule changes or future academic plans, but they are available when you need someone to listen.

He adds that Boise High’s faculty and administration team are also willing to work with students with whatever they need. This communication with staff who truly care – and demonstrate it on a daily basis – is something that can be utilized to enhance students’ high school experience.

One Boise High student lists Mr. Chehey as a valuable college resource and the Zen Den as a source for de-stressing through meditation. AVID is also a recommended class to learn skills used in higher education and beyond.

“Being a teenager is tough between trying to grow up and go to college or figuring out who you are,” they say, “…these adults specialize in these fields, making it easier to…help a student’s needs.”

The student references the nurse’s office as another resource, explaining that they took a short nap when it was difficult to focus in class. During a particularly stressful week, there is no shame in missing some class to catch up on needed sleep, especially if it is preventing you from staying engaged and learning material.

Priorities often change based on circumstances. Some examples include working extra hours, taking multiple tests on the same day, when a big project is due, or you are simply low on battery.

Looney says at some point, everyone feels stressed, and there is no perfect solution. While some people feel better talking it through, others might settle someplace quiet, away from others, and read or listen to music.

“…hopefully students feel like they are supported in nearly anything they would like to be supported in…” Looney says, “…it’s important for each person to find out what works best to help alleviate stress for themselves.”

School should not be a place where negative feelings pervade your mentality. These are the support systems that can help ease your mind, or simply end your day on a good note. The anonymous Boise High student believes that there could be even more support provided, referring to the fact that there are only four counselors for more than 1500 students.

“I think hearing the perspectives of many students giving feedback on how it could be improved… could be very effective,” they said.