Clubs! Clubs! Clubs!


Ayden Terry, Reporter

There are so many clubs to choose from at Boise High. Boise High has a lot of dedicated students who put a lot of time and effort into organizing them as well. When asked why their clubs were important to them, many students mentioned the chance to get to know people and have fun. One student, Jane Hutton of AAPI Heritage Club said, “The chance to do something to impact somebody.”

Some clubs that focused on empowerment were Positive Change Idaho, Women Innovators Club, and the Census Club. Dayanara Ruiz from the Positive Change Idaho Club said, “We’re a club trying to support people who are dealing with racial injustices and to educate people on that topic.” 

The students working the Women Innovators Club booth said, “It [their club] encourages young girls to pursue careers in STEM when they leave high school.”. In their meetings, they will host speakers, create interests and understandings of different careers, and form a community.

The Census Club is all about giving students at Boise High a voice, and a chance to bring attention to the things that matter to the student body. Jamison Shaw says their mission is “to collect student data [and] try and figure out what the student body as a whole wants for the future of our school.” All the data collected goes straight to the student council to keep them relevant and involved. 

Some language clubs featured at Club Rush were the Latin, German, Spanish, and French Conversation Clubs. Even if you aren’t taking a specific language, it could be a good alternative to the class itself. Riley Rupp, president of the German Club said, “We meet up and do fun German-themed activities… if you don’t speak German, that’s okay too, just come have fun with us!”  

The Art Club, and the Bob Ross Club had very crowded tables with face painting and candy to draw them in. Bee Taylor, Vice President of the Art Club, said, “We kind of just do art!” Activities in this club include a mural, a float for the homecoming parade, and chances to sell art or enter art into competitions.

The Bob Ross Club had its own take on art. The president, Alyssa Hansen said, “I like this club because we get to celebrate art and Bob Ross all mixed together.” Vice President, Ben Stewart added, “The idea behind it is people getting together to socialize and create masterpieces from watching Bob Ross’s videos.” 

This year’s Club Rush had a very impressive turnout, both in terms of clubs and participants. If you want to join any of these clubs, talk to the people mentioned in the article or ask a member of the student council.