Motivation Within Education


Photo Credit: Sienna Rock

Senior, Oliver Finnegan, motivating Mr. Olswanger to be the best teacher he possibly can be.

Sienna Rock, Editor-in-Chief

When many students think of school, it’s not necessarily something in their life that they appreciate or look forward to. However, there are a lot of things that students should be thankful for at school, specifically teachers! Teachers and students are such a big part of each others’ lives and everyday teachers appreciate and are motivated by students. As students, we should be more thankful for our teachers, who work so hard to help us. 

Students motivate teachers everyday to work hard and make the classroom a good learning environment. Mr. Allen, one of Boise High’s English 10 and 12 teachers, explains that improvement and helping students improve is what motivates him. He mentions, “Improvement and helping others motivates me. I enjoy helping any student that wants to learn.” Mr. Olswanger, the social studies teacher and cross country coach, has a similar feeling. He explains, “I want to make sure my students are learning something and that always motivates me to get better at what I do.” Even though some students might not realize, we are a big part of what keeps teachers motivated. 

The subject and opportunity to teach is another big thing that teachers appreciate. When asked “What do you appreciate about being a teacher”, Ms. Allen responds, “I like my topic, English. I like the information and l like trying to help students understand it.” Finding a subject that you are passionate about and being able to further your learning to teach others is a very unique, special experience teachers get to go through everyday. In fact, Ms. Rogers, the photography teacher, explains that her curiosity for her subject is what she appreciates. “When I’m teaching, I’m always thinking about what’s relevant right now and trying to bring that into the classroom.”

Teachers can also be a great person to go to in times of trouble, because they have much more life experience than most students. Teachers can offer some great advice becaus they have already been through all of it and know what it’s like to be a struggling student. Ms. Rogers offers her advice, “I think it’s really important to make schoolwork your own. You always want to bring your own interests and background into whatever you do. That’s how you make it yours and meaningful for you.”

Students are such a big factor of a teacher’s life. Sometimes it might seem like we play insignificant roles, but without students, teacher’s would have no one to teach. Likewise, students wouldn’t have a way to learn. So next time you take your teachers for granted, remember they are here to help you and they appreciate you more than you might think.