Never Have I ever watched Never Have I ever


Never Have I Ever is a coming-of-age story that encapsulates the life of Devi Vishuakumar. A, seemingly regular, 17-year-old Indian girl is figuring out how to live an academic life, social life and most apparently, a  romantic life all at once. In April 2020, the first season was released and in August of 2022, the long-awaited second season was finally unveiled. This new season gives a deeper look into the person Devi is becoming with twists, turns, and a newly blossoming romance. 

The new love interest in season 3, Des provokes a more realistic and sustainable relationship between Devi and himself. It allows the viewer to look beyond what Devi is saying and focus on the differences between her actions and with previous love interests and Des. They’re able to develop a mature relationship, one that Devi’s overbearing Indian mother actually approves of and encourages. This is unheard of in the Vishuakumar household. Also, Des’ new plot line includes his mother becoming best friends with Devi’s mom. They are able to bond and form a relationship that allows Nallani, Devi’s mom, to talk about the death of her late husband which leads to some major character development as she opens up more. 

The whole story goes through relatable content that watchers can’t get enough of. Viewers find it comforting to see that other people are going through the same problems as they are. As they watch Devi navigate her way through her extraordinarily messy life, it puts things in perspective that you’re always going to get through an event, no matter how awful it may seem in the moment. 

Never Have I Ever provides relatable, funny content that just increased in quality for Season 3. Although there isn’t a set release date, the show got renewed for a 4th season which should be coming out in 2023. Teasers for this new season include one of the on-going love interests, Paxton, leaving for college. This might give viewers the idea that someone new might be introduced. Never Have I Ever fans are waiting on the edge of their seats to be sure.