The New School Feels


Me sitting in one of the new bathrooms. Me thinking, “Wow, these new bathrooms are fire.” Photographer: Maryam Al Janabi

Sophia Chen, Managing Reporter

Feelings matter. You know why? Because I don’t. When summer break was coming to an end, I felt pretty low. Usually when school started, I felt ultra pumped, but this time, I felt nothing. I was a cold fish. I felt like a brain dead jellyfish floating around the sea. Maybe a sea turtle would gobble me up, and I wouldn’t even notice. But surprisingly, school hasn’t been horrible so far. I hope it lasts, but it probably won’t. 

Anyways, school has improved for me since the induction of the glorious new bathrooms. Not all the school bathrooms have been prettified, but there are enough pretty ones to make a solid difference in this world. These shiny, clean bathrooms compel me to live my life to the fullest. The first time I sat down on a toilet this year, I was like, “Wow.”

 I love how the bathrooms aren’t smelly, and I love how the floor glistens with happiness. I bet that in a few months, maybe even weeks, the bathrooms will be yucky again, but I’ll savor it while it lasts. Additionally, the cracks between the stall doors are teeny-weeny so I feel at ease while I’m peeing. Best of all, there are these cool paperclip looking things that act as the hinges for the stall doors. They’re already starting to get rusty, but whatever. I can’t even exaggerate how much these bathrooms lift my spirit. I used to feel moody when I entered the bathrooms, but now, I only feel feelings of “wow”. 

Another thing about the new school that just trips me up is the floor (so punny). In the new gym, the floor is so shiny and clean that you could lick it without getting diseases. In my AP Lang class, we just learned about how writers appeal to pathos, and I would say that the clean floor appeals to pathos because I feel really emotional when I stand on it. I’ve also noticed that new carpet has been installed in many classrooms. If I was a cat, I would lick the carpet all day because that’s what cats do.

One of the best changes to the school from this year to last year is the no mask mandates. I’m glad that things have gone back to ‘normal’, so we no longer have to wear masks. Now, my face can really breathe in the fresh school air, so my pimples are settling down a bit more. Now, I can see people’s beautiful faces, and most importantly, they can see my beautiful face. Overall, I would say that this new school environment has changed me for the better. It has made me cherish the important things in life.