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Jacey Adams

Claire O'Melia, Social Media Editor

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Jacey Adams has been the Boise Highlights cover artist several times, and for good reason. Adams is a talented artist, as well as an avid supporter of social justice. Her work this month features a neon individual in a galaxy-like space, with substance oozing out of their mind.

The piece, done with ink, watercolor, and markers, represents “how most seniors have already kind of disconnected from school.” Adams explains, “it demonstrates how the work that we do has slowly become harder and less meaningful as we’re trying to finish our last year of high school.”

Additionally, Adams illustrates the meaning behind the “exploding” head, “That’s pretty much how I feel like how most seniors’ brains are right now. We’ve done this for four years, and it’s coming upon the end of it, and our minds are very tired from high school.”

With the upcoming Summit, social justice issues are at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Adams says, “it [social justice] affects me because, obviously, I live in the world, and social justice is all about people getting equality throughout the world. There’s many people at Boise and around the world that can experience injustices, and so obviously that affects me because I know these people, and in some cases, I, not as often, have experienced injustice. It affects people I know and people all around the world, so I think it’s something very important for everyone to be aware of.”

Although Adams is excited for the ending of senior year, she is also apprehensive, “Part of me really wants to leave high school and go explore stuff, but also part of me is like, high school is relatively safe, and the world is big and scary.”

After high school, Adams plans to pursue art, and there is no doubt that this student artist is going big places, as both she and her art are out of this world!

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